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Table lamps with liquid wax Flexilight
Safety candles and decorative sleeves
Containers (inserts with liquid or solid wax)
Church candles (shell with liquid wax)

Table lamps with liquid wax Flexilight:

:: FLEXILIGHTs are safe, clean and unbelievably adaptable...

Should the liquid wax candle fall down or be knocked over, the safety deco-sleeve will automaticaly slide upwards and the flame is extinguished immediately.

Simply place the exchangeable aluminium safety deco-sleeve in the desired colour over the liquid wax containerand the liquid wax candle is ready for use.

¨The speciál wax composition guarantees a completely odourless and soot-free burning. Through its ingenious design, the liquid wax candle will newer drip-not even when exposed to the strongest air currents.

No more candlestubs or waxresidue. Depending on size, each individua liquid wax candle will burn between 25 – 100 hours..

Wherever pillar, glass jar or large votive candles are used, the advantages of liquid wax – like the trouble-freeusage inside and outdoors – will quickly Clar. Combine with our extensive range of glasses, table lamps and another canelholders or simply design your own combination: You´ll always create unique light ambieces and moods. All floral and cecorative applications as well will benefit from the safety advantages of liquid wax candles: Colourful candle accents without the fire hazards experienced wit regular candles.

The Heliotrop candels consists of the Candle insert which is filled with highest duality liquid wax, and the natural looping simply placed into the candle shell and Exchange by heliotrop Candle offers you numerous advantages by being.
Economical: 20 – 60 hours of clean burn time depending on size and flame height.
Durability: Easy to clean candle shells will never discolour and look like new even after years of use.
Natural apperance: The genuine candle look of candle shells with liquid wax inserts is enhaenced by their adaptability to any candlestick, candelholder or candelabra.

Practical: No wax drippings – no need to trim wicks – liquid wax level is visible so remaining burn time is always known-adjustable flame height guarantees continuous even candle lihgt.
Safe: Liquid wax inserts is not pressurised.
Convenient: In contrast to older and other models the new Heliotron liquid wax inserts features a content check window with level markers indicating the available ramaining burn time.
Ecological: Empty liquid wax containers are completely recyclable.
The Candle shell cannot be distin-quishedfrom a classic wax candle even at close range yet is much more versatile, featuring.
Variety: Candle shells are available in classic ivory, natural brown, red and violet or in any desired custom colour.
Value: One-time investment in unbreakable, scratch-proof candle shells with unlimited 5 year warranty.